Maria Kopicki, CEO & Founder of EVOLVEK12, taught in the public school system for 30 years, including 5 years beyond her retirement eligibility! She wanted to continue the legacy she created with her life and classroom motto “It’s all about the LOVE.”  Making the tough decision to retire as a public educator in June, 2019, Maria received her real estate license, and has chosen to spread the love by founding and pursuing EvolveK12. Her new motto,

“It’s not all about the money, it’s all about the love.”


Maria’s main goal in creating this non-profit is to prevent kids from struggling and missing opportunities due to circumstances that are not in their control. Education in America is in a national crisis; drastically under funded and in many instances lacking basic staple services children need to become successful! Studies have proven that a lack of funding has impacted students achievement on standardized test scores! Maria’s first hand exposure of experiencing the loss of curriculum, resources and programs that were very much at the core of Maria’s passion has enhanced her unwavering commitment to help as many people as possible.


Michael Supanich

Executive Community Liason

Lucy Bolerjack

Community Outreach Coordinator

Steven Kopicki

Chief Financial Officer

Rick Delonis

Legal Counsel-Szura & Delonis P.L.C

Cindy Livingsway

Director of Business Development

James DeBartalo

Director of Business Operations

Brian Kollar

Director of Chicago Operations

Kristin Kopicki

Co-Chairman of the Board

Jacqueline Kopicki

Director of Research Development

Paris Burton

Co-Director of Fundraising & Events

Colleen Thacker

Broker - Baird & Warner

Kelsie Kopicki

Director of Florida Operations

Kayla Kopicki


Liam Gourlay

Director of Business Development

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