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Do you want to help close the achievement gap by closing the funding gap in education?

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Our main objective

Through a commission donation program, EvolveK12 will create and nurture conditions that stimulate critical change needed to fund education. Provide financial support to K12 schools nationwide in an effort to eradicate the loss of programs & excellent teachers as well as close the achievement gap by closing the funding gap.  Also, reinstate the love and passion for teaching that has been stolen from many educators due to lack of funding.


Through collaboration with community stakeholders, EvolveK12 will provide supplementary funds for education due to the lack of money and resources available for education. In an effort to put students first by providing opportunities to educate, inspire and empower young people to be the next generation of global leaders. Studies have shown that an increase in financial support has implemented proven reforms.



Our goal is to provide every K-12 student with equal access to resources and opportunities that support and promote academic achievement. By partnering with stakeholders and community to supplement educational funding, we will foster educational excellence and support preparation for global competitiveness.


Provide supplemental funding & resources to ensure more equal, quality education & opportunities to ALL students, teachers, schools, and families.

Why choose EvolveK12?

The donation program is a mutually beneficial because:

• EvolveK12 will be able to set aside money for grants for specific school districts.

• Community & civic minded realtors/mortgage companies/title companies who enter the program win because they are offering considerable support to a nation in an economic funding crisis for schools.

• By channeling this philanthropic mindset, realtors, homeowners/sellers, mortgage companies and title companies can tap into a substantial & vast market that has potential to generate supplemental funds for schools.

Current grants available, we welcome more suggestions as needed.



Contact us today, and help us succeed in our mission to close the achievement gap by closing the funding gap!