Selling? Buying? Refinancing?

Sell, buy, or refinance through EvolveK12!


How exactly does it work?

Clients looking to buy, sell, or refinance their home can access the EvolveK12 web site and procure an agent who signed up through the site for their specific needs. When you procure a real estate agent through EvolveK12, that agent has agreed to give a % of their gross commission at closing to the school district of the clients choosing to be applied toward  grants to supplement funding. For example, if buying a $200,000 home, the buyers agent who generally makes a 3% commission could give up to 20% of their gross commission $1200 (give or take depending on brokers fees). Also, you will have the option to work with one of our title, mortgage, or inspection experts for even more savings. School employees will have the money go directly back to them for use as they wish.

What happens next?

Each time a client goes through with a transaction with EvolveK12, a portion of the commission is donated to a specific school district, that the client chooses. Three times a year (or as needed) school employees, parents, or students can apply for specific grants to help fund educational needs.

Are you a teacher or a school employee?

Anytime a school employee works with one of our participating real estate agents or mortgage specialists when selling, buying or refinancing their home, the savings will go directly back to them to use as they wish.


Interested in making a difference?

Contact us today, and help us succeed in our mission to close the achievement gap by closing the funding gap!